November 29th // Richmond Park, London

Just a morning in the park. Richmond Park is located about a mile away from campus, however, Faeln and I have been so busy with other travels and exploring the city of London that we have failed to make an appearance to Richmond Park. However, today was the day. We woke up early (crazy I know), put on layers of clothing, and set out for the day with our friend / flat mate Sydney. She was our tour guide the whole morning, showing us where all the deer were and letting us visit her favorite spots in the park. The weather was absolutely perfect with the sun being out and us not freezing to death. We shared many conversations about life, reflecting on our childhood and also dreams for the future. The three of us ended up walking about six miles, forgetting where we were or what time it was. These are the best mornings, in the company of friends and surrounded by nature.



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