01/17/16-01/18/16: Sunday-Monday

This break hasn’t been as excited as I planned due to the fact that all my friends went back to school three weeks earlier than me. So, Caitlyn was planning on heading back to San Louis Obispo on Sunday night so I packed a bag and joined her. We left around 8pm and arrived at 10pm where we unpacked our bags in the dorms and went out to socialize for the night. The next day, I went out to breakfast with Ross and then went hiking in Avila with Cait. After Cait, Ross, and I went to linner at the Pita Pit where we scarfed down our sandwiches and rushed me to the train station. I made it to my bus on time and set out for a long journey home. The bus ride to Hanford was 3 hours and then I waited 40 minutes for the final train home. I met some unique, nice people during my travels. This spontaneous, little adventure was exactly what I needed.

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