A day in putney

exploring this new city.

turning corners filled with people

unseen sights

unheard voices

unfamiliar smells

wandering eyes

vibrant colors of fall

not fall, autumn as they say here


overwhelming feelings of blessedness

eyes watering of excitement

heart beating of thrill


everything is so new

yet so old


i am just another face in the crowd

yet time moves so slowly

as if i lived here


my new home


but i am reminded that this is temporary


just enjoy the moment

live in the present

and love life


i am not here to stay

but i am here

and i am happy.


Wasabi Sushi & Bento


October 15th // Wasabi Sushi & Bento

Busy days call for some a fast sushi lunch. The photos shown above include the Yasai Roll Set with Brown Rice, inari, carrot, avocado, red pepper, cucumber in one roll, avocado, cucumber, inari and red pepper in another roll with an inari pocket, mixed leaves, fresh beens, and edamame with a ride of soy sauce and wasabi. The soup shown is the miso soup with traditional Japanese soup made with a dash broth, miso paste, and topped with tofu and wakame.

Website: https://wasabi.uk.com

Shakespeare’s Globe

October 13th // The Globe, London

A trip to Shakespeare’s Globe with friends was the perfect day. We stood and watched Much Ado About Nothing which was powering and beautiful. Standing in this beautiful, historical theatre felt like a dream. If you’re ever in London, I HIGHLY suggest going and seeing a show here!

Website: http://www.shakespearesglobe.com

London Scavenger Hunt

September 16th // London, England

Our group of eight took on our first time in the city today as a group, running around, taking photos, and exploring our new home. We named our group HAWKK FAMM, which is all of our initials combined. Although we didn’t understand all the clues and got sidetracked, we still made our hours in the city fun and worth wild.

Since I am currently sick and stuck in bed trying to rest, I will keep this post short and include more photos than words. Enjoy!


(Jean Jacket Klub takes London)


Group Pictures


I made this short video of our HAWKK FAMM scavenger hunt so press play and enjoy!