Dear Madrid

Dear Madrid,

Thank you for inviting me into this beautiful culture.


Your vibrant buildings filled with balconies dressed in plants

The smell of tapas on every corner

Your gorgeous, pastel sunsets

The way people seem to drink wine and eat meals together

as if there was endless time in the world.


Boat rides in the park

Surrounded by the sound of many languages.


Your flamenco dancing, red dresses flying,

Loud music filling my ears,

And a smile I will never be able to wipe off my face.


Your nightlife full of youngsters dancing to music at Kapital

And your Sangrias, rich with wine and juice reminding me of childhood.


Rooftop bars where you can see the whole city twinkle

As if she’s saying goodnight and good morning.


Streets filled with tourists,

Souvenir shops,

Magicians and musicians.


The fact that wine is cheaper than water,

Museums are free for students,

The satisfying sound of ascents,

And dogs shuffling around every corner


Is the reason I’ll be back.

Shakespeare’s Globe

October 13th // The Globe, London

A trip to Shakespeare’s Globe with friends was the perfect day. We stood and watched Much Ado About Nothing which was powering and beautiful. Standing in this beautiful, historical theatre felt like a dream. If you’re ever in London, I HIGHLY suggest going and seeing a show here!