Another Five Hour Flight

August 15

Another Day. Another Adventure.

Spontaneous trips are what I live for. My girl Cait texted me saying that we’re going to Washington D.C. and whatever Cait says, go’s. I packed a bag and headed to Las Vegas where we would then board a plane the next day and take off for a five- hour flight. I made sure to download lots and lots of podcasts (This American Life being my go to as well as Ted Talks and On She Goes). Since Cait and I are avid travelers, we know exactly what to pack: ear phones, portable charger, snacks (and lots of them), sweater, a good book, notebook and pen, wallet, mints, toothbrush, tooth paste, and face wash.¬†Also, for you spontaneous people, download the app “Hotels Tonight” for great prices on nice hotel rooms. This has saved us many times! I’ll stop boring you with travel tips and make a separate post about that in the future if you’re interested.

We arrived and then took an Uber to our hotel. After checking in, we ate some snacks for dinner and watched whatever movies we could find on our hotel television. The next morning we woke up, got ready, and headed into the city for a long and eventful day. We Ubered to the White House where we started our long walk and five minutes in, it started to rain. We ended up buying some cheap umbrellas and running to find some shelter and food. To be honest, we had no clue where we were going or what to see, so we grabbed a map and headed to where the most people where and the places with large stars next to them. We ended up in front of the Washington Memorial where I had flash backs to the recent Spider-Man movie and replayed the scene in my head. After asking random people to take photos of us jumping around in the rain, we picked up our heavy and tired feet and made our way to Lincoln. I have been dreaming of seeing his memorial and standing under the feet of this historical leader. I made sure to move everyone away from me and take a solo picture with Abe.

Cait and I began walking to the next place with a large star where we decided it was time to get an Uber back to our hotel and grab some dinner before seeing a National’s game. We ate dinner, put on our red-and-white gear, and began our five minute walk to the stadium. I have a new found addiction of going to baseball games. The lights, the loud crowd, the games in-between innings, and the vegan hot dogs.

I am always sad to leave. I love adventuring in new cities and there is always more I wish I could’ve done and more people I wish I met. But this trip was spontaneous and thrilling. Being in such a different city, a historical city, is something I suggest everyone do. We packed our bags, got on our very early flight, and headed back to Vegas. See you soon Washington. I’ll be back soon!

Shh Don’t Tell My Mom



Yes. After years of telling myself I would voluntarily jump out of a plane, I finally did it. I will explain this whole journey to you here since I have lived to tell the tale.

So I have always wanted to check skydiving off my bucket list, but like anyone, I was terrified of actually doing it. At the beginning of summer I posted a photo on my Instagram story with a caption saying, “Does anyone want to go skydiving this summer?!” No replies, as expected. However, the next day my friend Marissa replied with a, “HECK YEAH!” And that’s how this whole adventure began. We texted back and forth about dates that would work followed by lots and lots of online research about the most scenic and safest skydiving facilities. I had narrowed it down to three options near Los Angeles where we ended up picking the cheapest and safest. Skydive Elsinore is the name and skydiving is the game. Once we had finally decided on a day where we were both free, we booked our appointment time, making sure to buy the package with videos and pictures included.

The day before our scheduled skydiving appointment, I drove down to Los Angeles where I stayed with Marissa for the night only talking about how crazy we are and what we were about to do. The next morning we woke up early to eat breakfast and head out (be sure to wear comfy clothes and closed toed shoes!). The drive to skydiving was an adventure in itself as Marissa got a speeding ticket and we drove through some bipolar weather. You can watch Marissa’s youtube video for more information on that at:¬†

We arrived to Skydive Elsinore where we watched a video discussing the fact that we could get seriously injured and die, which we already knew. Then we signed our life away and waited to jump out of a plane. While waiting, we talked about how excited and nervous we were, questioning what we were even doing and justifying it with, “But the photos are going to be sick!” (Which they totally were).

It was finally time. We were fitted in our harnesses and began walking/running to the plane out of fear and adrenaline. We were loaded onto the plane along with our camera men, other random friends, and a skydiving team (Yeah those people that do tricks in the air and formations). The ride up was beautiful and terrifying. Once we were at the right altitude, the first to jump was the skydiving team, followed by random friends we made, Marissa, then myself. The chills were going through my body and my muscles started to tighten up. My teeth were chattering as I started to question my decision. But it was too late. We were already at the edge of the plane about to jump! 1… 2… And we were flying. This feeling, of jumping out of a moving plane, is indescribable. I want to say it’s similar to going on a free fall ride at the amusement park, but it’s even more thrilling and life changing. You are literally flipping out of a plane! Your head is rushing and you’re trying not to blink and miss enjoying the moment. Before you know it, the parachute is deployed and you’re gliding over the town.

I tried to keep calm as my blood was rushing and my heart was full of joy. My instructor even let me hold onto the handles and steer us in circles, to the left, and then to the right so I could get a full 360 view. We were in the air for what seemed like an eternity and then began our decent towards the ground. I never wanted to come down. But that’s not how that works haha. We came down fast, lifted our legs at a 90 degree angle, and let our butts drag across the grass coming to a complete stop. I had just went skydiving and loved every single part of it (well I did get pelted with rain for a minute but that’s besides the point).

I am now addicted to this feeling and can’t wait to go back again! Thank you Marissa for being adventurous with me and pushing me out of my comfort zone. Thank you to Skydive Elsinore for a wonderful experience that I will hopefully repeat again soon! Check them out and be sure to go there for the best skydiving ride of your life (