Sunset Beauty

August 16

Best friends, creative minds, and good cameras. This is what today’s shoot consisted of. People think that all photoshoots need to be planned in advance and be the most professional, however, not all of them need to be. Emily and I choose to text each other the night before or even hours before a spontaneous shoot. All you need is a camera, a friend, and a good attitude.

For this shoot, I headed up to Emily’s house where there is lots of land and trees. This made for the perfect golden hour shoot with vibrant colors of yellow and green. I decided to bring two outfits because you never know what you’re feeling in that moment or what will look the best in that area. The first outfit consisted of black booties, black high wasted jeans, and a simple, beige, off-the-should top. The second outfit was a floor length cream dress that had a low cut v-neck, color, and sleeves with cuts in the shoulder (as you can see from above) that I bought on clearance at Ohh La La, a local boutique store in Clovis, California (

Emily would take photos of me as I ran around the field flipping my dress and posing by trees. And then we would switch. That’s what is cool about shooting with your friends. You get to take photos of each other and it’s a two way deal. You both get nice, professional photos and after you can both edit to your own style.

Em is always my go-to girl for anything I need to create content for and I pay her back by taking photos of her as well. Go grab a camera and shoot with your friends. It doesn’t always have to be super professional so enjoy hanging out and taking photos!


Recognizing the Problem & Learning to Love Yourself More


Do you ever look at photos of yourself sitting down or turned to the side and says, “Can’t post this one. I have rolls.” Well, we all have rolls! You may look at those photos and think you’re fat but I’m here to tell you that you are beautiful and loved. Stop looking at your body and only pointing our what you think are your flaws.

I have a challenge for you. Try saying three things you hate about yourself. Okay now think of three things you love about yourself… You came up with three things you dislike about yourself in a matter of seconds huh? And you had a harder time coming up with one, let alone three things you admire about yourself. This. Is. A. Problem. 

It should be the other way around. You need to focus on loving yourself inside and out. You are so unique and perfectly made. Your personality shines bright and you deserve to appreciate yourself as much as your friends and family love you. By working on this, you are allowing yourself to become happier and be more comfortable in your body.

Final Notes: When you hear someone, whether that be a friend or family member, say something negative about their appearance or personality, tell them, “Since you said something negative about yourself, you have to now say something you like about yourself.” I bet they will try to get out of it or come up with the excuse that they have nothing nice to say, but see, that is a huge problem. Remind them that you truly care about them and that they too should work on self-love.