12/3/15- Thursday

This is a best friend appreciation post to Faeln. Faeln Rose Naughton and I clicked the first time we met and have been great friends ever since. Over these past couple months, we’ve had countless adventures: Canada, The Getty, The Museum of Tolerance, meeting Steve-O, getting tattoos, sitting in a hot tub with David DeLuise, seven hour car rides, sleepless nights, beach runs, bonfires, concerts, binge watching The Office, arts and craft fairs, almost hitting campus safety with a car, late night target runs, Sigma birthday committee, picnics, The Suspension Bridge, Color Me Mine dates, swap meets, magic shows, tennis, ferris wheel rides, cute cafes, Legally Blond & Back To The Future film scenes, Disneyland, paddle boarding, dorm decorating, Fuller House recordings, Sports Nation recordings, 3am iHop, strange musicals, 10,000 steps, Beverly Hills, and more. As you can tell, Faeln and I are basically inseparable and go on many spontaneous adventures. This kind of friendship is rare and valuable. I was so blessed to have met Faeln when I did in the right place. We look back on these memories that are an accumulate of several months and ponder at the adventures to come. Thank you Faeln for being my best friend. FRN has taken care of me every single time I get sick, and that’s a lot if you’re wondering. She bring me tea, makes me mac-n-cheese, checks up on me, watches The Office together, etc. Basically what I’m trying to say is thank you Fae for being my sister, best friend, suite-mate, adventure buddy, etc. I’m excited to see where our friendship goes and the many more memories we make together throughout the rest of our lives! ♥

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