August 28th // Chicago, IL

Three amazing things happened today. 1) Lunch with Wes. 2) Art Institute of Chicago. 3) The Cubs game. I will only keep this blog post to amazing things number one and two and save the Cubs game for the next post.

Lunch with Wes

It’s not everyday you run into a familiar face from Los Angeles in Chicago. Our good friend Wes Mathison just recently moved to the city of Chicago to follow his dreams and start anew. A quick text and then bam, the three of us reunited in Hannah’s Bretzels to catch up on life and scarf down some food. We talked for hours on how our summer’s went, what we were each up to, and future plans. Wes, on the topic of future plans, explained how he wants to pursue his love of magic and combine that with his acting skills. Since we were on the topic of magic, we insisted that Wes do a few tricks which left us mind blown and speechless. One of my favorite things in life is watching people talk about their passions, and that was exactly what Wes was doing in this moment. Thank you for a nice meal, lots of laughter, magic, and a beautiful friendship. Be sure to check out Wes’s website here:


Art Institute of Chicago

I’m not a very good artist, but I do appreciate art! And since Fae is a big art lover and an art major, I am always going to new museums and seeing art installations such as LACMA and Salvation Mountain. Fae has always talked about how jaw-dropping the art is in the Art Institute of Chicago and now I was about to find out for myself. Since we were limited on time, we only went to the impressionism and contemporary wings of the museum. Here I saw famous pieces by Picasso that I never thought I’d see in person. His vibrant colors and obscure paintings drew me in. I did a little jump and squeal when I turned the corner and my eyes locked with Claude Monet’s series of “Lily Pads”. Monet is my favorite artists due to his pastel colors and soothing pieces.

Does the photo on the right look familiar? Well I hope your answer is yes! If you’ve seen Ferris Bueller, you might have recognized that the photo I’m looking at in the jersey is almost the exact same shot from the movie (see photo below). Ferris Bueller


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