Our hearts broken. Eyes full of tears. Questions racing through our minds.


How could someone do such a thing? A human being went out of his way to purposefully take the lives of strangers. We are all asking ourselves this question and trying to find a reason for this incident. We mourn over those lives lost and those who are physically as well as emotionally recovering from the shooting. This concert was a place for people from all around the world and join together to appreciate music and have a good time, while rather it turned into a blood bath.

Although I do not know of anyone who was personally harmed, I have spent hours crying and reflecting on what occurred so close to home. Let me reassure you that being emotional, crying, and hurting is valid to feel right now as most people are experience this as well. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone during this time of loss and chaos.

I believe it is important to grieve and think about this current event, however, I feel that we have the power to make a difference. This could be by donating blood, adding to the Las Vegas victim fund (https://www.gofundme.com/dr2ks2-las-vegas-victims-fund), or even writing letters to the victims and their family.


It is important that we stand as one and pour our love, encouragement, and prayers into those in need.


Shooting Victim List

Adrian Murfitt. Charleston Hartfield. Denise Burditus. Sonny Melton. John Phippen. Sandy Casey. Chris Roybal. Thomas Day Jr. Hannah Ahlers. Angie Gomez. Dana Gardner. Jessica Kylmchuk. Rhonda LeRocque. Jordan Mclldoon. Jennifer Topaz Irvine. Jenny Parks. Quinton Robbins. Lisa Romero-Muniz. Bailey Schweitzer. Rachael Parker. Susan Smith. Neysa Tonks. Brennan Stewart. Kurt Von Tillow. Jack Beaton. Carrie Barnette. Melissa Ramirez. Victor Link. Kelsey Meadows. Calla Medig. Bill Wolfe Jr. Christiana Duarte. Stacee Etcheber. Tara Rose Smith. Cameron Robinson.


Cover Photo: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/aerial-view-las-vegas-strip-nevada-504833641?src=rHUnm9SSpYhGBVvexTdqWA-1-0


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